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Waves Of Support

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I was standing at the till in Waitrose waiting for the cute girl to checkout my plums when my thoughts wandered to what a great effort has gone on in the club since the great flood of January and February when up to 18” of water was in the clubhouse. Mould covered everything and the clubhouse fixtures and fittings have all had to be ripped out so that the clubhouse became a shell. But the tide is turning. Donations and Grants are flooding in, about £3,500 in donations and a tremendous £7,300 in grants that Lardy has secured for covers and bowling machine. Waves of support for our little band of Canutes have not washed over us and we are truly grateful. I think a ripple of applause is called for, not least for my terrible puns. Orbes has been receiving wedges of cash down the pub, Braywood, Cookham Dean, Littlewick and Pinkneys have all made generous donations as have a number of individuals.

I can't help but have admiration for the hard work that Graham has put in with the insurers and loss adjusters in his first bewildering year as Secretary. Not a baptism of fire but of water, which I believe is traditional anyway. Of course Jeff and Mike Walnut are working brilliantly to get us back on our feet. Sadly we could do little but huddle round a bonfire and drink coffee on Workforce Day due to the state of the clubhouse. The Advertiser covered it and got us some great publicity.

The first 'club night' is on 7th May, the first of the regular Wednesday night sessions. The new covers and bowling machine will have their ribbons cut, there will be swarms of colts tadpoles and hopefully a few old frogs to wonder at our new club.

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