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The Missing Link

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After all these jubilee celebrations, I have started to look obsessively at union flags to see if they are flying the right way up. At Denham on Saturday I noticed one upside down. Now, not many people realise that flying the union flag upside down is a sign of distress. This was quite prophetic as the 'Denham' weekend was one of distress and the worst I can remember for the club. We desperately tried to get two sides out, the first Xi arrived with eight men, one 9 year old 'mini me' Cole and Howie who orbits a planet of his own. The second Xi fared better, somehow scraping to 11 but were dismissed for 28 and were home to surprise the wife by 3pm. I think that is what many 'better halves' think is an acceptable game of cricket.

I do wonder if the club has a clear vision, like me to become the best village club in the area. I get the feeling that there are some competing interests preventing this. One missing bit is the yawning gap in membership 17-25 year olds. The colts programme is fantastic and with any luck we should see them progressing to senior sides in a few years' time. But for now there is a dearth of players playing regularly on Saturday and the Sunday 2XI worryingly is faltering. I had a Howie 'moment' while there were two Queens outside Buckingham palace for the concert, Elton and Liz, and I looked at the availability stats of the first Xi. Only three players have played all of the four league games so far and we have used 21 players. Only three players have scored more than 50 runs. I think we have a problem, and the skippers must be dreading cobbling sides together. 'Sorry, can't play next week, my wife's brother's cousin is having his wisdom teeth removed and we have to feed the cat'. I even heard of one player phoning up on Saturday morning to make himself available. It is too late to apply ourselves this year to a recruitment drive, but it must be on the forward agenda planner for next spring and ask all membership for ideas in this area if only to make skippering less onerous. I was chatting to Bert on Sunday who spontaneously had some good ideas in this area.

I guess I shouldn't get too depressed, it is probably this bloody 'summer' we are having.

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