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The Last Supper

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I recently went to Royal Berks to check out a 'floater' in my eye. I naively thought floaters were something the Dawkins nervously did before a match, but no. I had to suffer drops to dilute the pupils and walked out of the hospital like Mr Burns in the Simpson's Halloween Special. But it didn't open my eyes to how we can make Club Supper less of a hassle and persuade more people that it is a good night out to thank people and support the club. We saw 33 committed souls gather on Saturday at Bird Hills Golf Club, an excellent medieval stylie venue, good food, some awful jokes and reward for our talented youngsters and seasoned veterans. But it was a disappointing turnout. The flame haired one was desperately drumming up support late into the evenings like a failed African despot. Maybe the days of a sit down meal and lounge suits are gone and new ideas are needed. How about a curry on long tables in the clubhouse and better jokes? At least the beer would be cheaper, better and maybe people would feel more comfortable in a familiar venue and cheaper event, not that once a season the club supper is expensive. It's a shame, it used to be the pinnacle of the season.

I didn't pick up any gossip on the night mainly because I remained wedged between Prof and Orbes all evening. We solved the debt crisis, developed a new constitution for Libya, discussed world hunger over profiteroles and compared the merits of Strictly vs X-Factor. Weighty stuff, unfortunately next morning I had forgotten it all and failed to make World Cup Final breakfast round at Wykikki's. It was good to see new faces at Supper, but sad that one of our four senior teams failed to offer one attendee. Mike Walnut didn't drop any of the awards, Dave Walnut is sporting his winter hair, Rusty Brown was on crutches after a midweek tackle from Fat Boy which Arsene Wenger didn't see. Scotty, much like Santa stayed sober for a day. Deano thought the quiz map of Norway looked like Queensland, Nic O'Tine and Yaz (the only way is up) swapped baccie and batting tips.

By the way, I have just wasted 5 days of my life watching England's whitewash on Sky, and oh, send me your Christmas wish lists for a Christmas blog.

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