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The Blind Leading The Blind

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Despite transfer rumours over the winter, Hurley have not secured the services of a host of banned Asian players or Ricky Ponting looking to regain respectability after an Ashes humiliation, but instead have been in the greenhouse growing their own. Careful nurturing by Ringo, Lardy and Veggy is maturing budding talent, so is the Cola too expensive?

Blog #2 of the year and I am becoming prolific; is it a renewed enthusiasm or brought on by enforced retirement and time on my hands? Cricketforce weekend was a great success but what was that headline in the Advertiser? Unfortunately I had to leave before the bbq to witness the Toffees handing out another stuffing, but then again, a dozen colts and 3 Dawkins meant an obscene scramble for burnt meat. Some brilliant work by the usual suspects plus a few, and even some parents and a possible new Associate yielded an excellent turnout. The club, as usual now looks a picture and Jeff has some new toys to play with as well thanks to Val's fundraising.

There is a stirring in my loins which is unusual. Brilliant weather and an excellent turnout for the game against Berks Stags Visually impaired cricket team on Sunday was all very pleasant as I cogitated with Steve T on the boundary. Clumps of red hair blew in the wind as Rita tried to keep up with the rules and I had to try to wind her up at tea by disputing the score, but I think she is on to me now. We lost by 2 runs so a good game. Most inappropriate comment of the day by a Hurley player as they crouched down in special glasses and blindfolds, 'Eyes on everybody'. I realise that Portugal is not renown for cricket, but are Veg and James really losing their enthusiasm while a more positive rumour is the return of the 'Bazooka' and addition of a useful Kolpak. Daryn looks lost to door to door double glazing. Please lets have a successful season on the pitch in the new look Chilterns League.

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