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The cricket season seems to be getting closer as I say hello to feelings in my toes and goodbye to a huge dew drop on the end of my nose. Spring brings change, though some things remain. England loose in the sub-continent and I wast four days of my life watching those tossers in the second Test (and I don't literally mean the Pakistani spinners). I wasted 5 days last year watching our 50 over debacle against India. My sofa now has a comfortable butt imprint but I feel nothing to show for my dedication except a few suspicious stains. If I hear another England player with 6,000 Test runs under their belt say they must learn from the experience I will ritually burn my 2b and keep the ashes in a small urn.

I was cheered by Matt Merlot wanting a big push on food and drink down the club like the hedonist he is and he will be going large with a fancy dress ball, it could be nasty! With any luck we will see more BBQ's and I can smell the burnt processed meat. Apropos nothing, I met with Lardy a few weeks back and he seems to have attracted some colts from Marlow due to our superior coaching. Over lunch he shared the gruesome pictures of his leg and experiences of Wexham Park. It was almost enough to put me off my fishcakes and sweet chilli sauce. We go through life a little complacent of our health until something goes wrong and it is a sobering wake up call. Get better soon Lards.

Finally, I dwell on all the ancillary support for a club like ours. I am sure I will miss some, but thanks to the coaches, tea ladies, committee members, ground, and of course statisticians and scribes. I count myself amongst that lot, and can understand the tremendous effort needed by Mike Walnut to be statistician for both club and league. I can understand the need to delegate some of this work, but my view is captains should captain and not be weighed down by admin. Of course, as super numeric I am now facing the challenge on a Sunday of i) entering result on Chilterns League website, ii) enter result sheet on play cricket website, iii) write report for local paper and iv) post on Hurley website. I just hope I have nothing better to do, that our results inspire me and I remember all those passwords. Sometimes, things can't be improved on like paper and the 2010 Cheryl Cole calendar.

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