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I love it when BBC journalists say things like: 'so-and-so literally lost their head'. Now, they are not referring to a Saudi Arabian drug trafficker, but usually to an England batsman. Not so anymore, apparently we have stumbled on the revolutionary formula of hitting the ball hard and often. Five Live interviewed a minor Australian batsman (North) who gave us the insight that this was the way forward. Thank goodness for the media and essential social media for educating us.

Sometimes I wonder if Hurley is here as a club, or a vehicle for itinerant players to have a game then disappear. The trouble is that availability is as patchy as Prince William's hair, and we have struggled for the past few weeks so the itinerants keep us going. Even so, there really was no excuse for our batsmen not to be padded up on two occasions and for iPhones to be of more interest than the cricket. I have rarely been more embarrassed to be associated with the club as at Pinkneys. I mused with an opposition supporter that village cricket's character has changed almost beyond recognition, and not for better. One thing that never changes is chasing for membership monies.

Of course there are more frustrations as scorer. Again there was no opposition scorer at Pinkneys, but their skipper did deign to score whilst they flogged our bowling in an attempt to send the ball as far towards Maidenhead as possible. I must be pupating into a grizzly old moth as the constant shout of 'brilliant' in my ear to another baseball shot, the ringing of his TWO phones and constant machine gun rat-a-tat of a non-native language made for a miserable afternoon. I wistfully dreamt of home games with no more distraction than adolescents with deep-seated personal issues waiting for a text and instant gratification. Who needs water boarding when you can just take away their smart phone? At least it is always a good tea at Pinkneys.

I really should have gone to watch the future and the triumphant U15s but for once the delights of Rachel Riley on '8 out of 10 cats does Countdown' and England doing to NZ what Pinkneys had done to us, but with infinite more style held my interest. Of course this is cricket, not football with their pointless international friendlies, though seeing Raheem Stirling booed after his highly publicised spat with Liverfool over money showed there is some hope for the game. I don't believe the rumours that Mr Stirling is hoping for a transfer to FIFA.


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