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Saturdays Under Water

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I experienced intense pain this week, but learnt a valuable lesson. Never leave the oven door open in a dark kitchen, it is at shin height. But the pain is nothing to this season and almost every Saturday finding us scrabbling around to put out 2 teams. This is no longer fun. The problem is many fold and is not unique to us. The five year plan is having a difficult birth, but there is nothing more important than strengthening membership and I really hope not to hear that it is more a problem than a challenge. It's not as difficult as Lords Reform, a dedicated playing committee should address this critical issue. Many are not enjoying league cricket, but I doubt we can survive as a club outside this form of the game.

I had no report to write on Sunday morning and so had a window to blog again. As we aquaplaned our way to Chalfont St Juveniles on a clearly wasted journey we got the inevitable call from Veg to say it was off and he had been informed by the opposition that any of our players not yet setting off should not bother. At 12.15, clearly this was too late. Cars were turned round but as we were only 5 minutes away, we carried on to be 'greeted' by a wicket under water. We chewed the fat for 10 minutes waiting for those unable to be turned round to turn up and then the surprising announcement from the opposition skipper that they would 'try' to start by 3pm! A heated discussion followed with our 4 remaining players and their skipper and his dad as more rain clouds gathered and the tide turned quite unpleasant on the 'misunderstanding'. Ducks flew in to enjoy the peaceful waters. Finally, when Not So Wee Man was told to 'f*** off' we did just that.

Ah, the joys of League cricket. It is a real heartbreak for me to see the two elevens so precariously placed. Any further fall in our standards will inevitably impact on our attractiveness to new membership. Remember that next time you fancy a week off to walk the cat. With no summer this year, I am watching too much sport on tv and my rear is beginning to resemble that of Serena Williams, while John Terry might have a description of it, I couldn't possibly comment.

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