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Ok, it has been a bit of a lull since the last blog. A combination of depressing results for Hurley and the brilliant Olympics dampened my ability to blog. I was initially anti the Olympics as the BBC thrust it down our throats in the lead up, but now I regret not going for tickets, and I don't mean just beach volley ball. What is it with the Keirin, Taekwondo and dressage anyway?I did find it a bit disconcerting seeing Clare Balding pop up everywhere though, and just as I settled down for the night preparing another fantasy about Gwyneth Paltrow and taramaslata, up pops Clare to spoil the girl on girl action. I swear I saw her down Waitrose as well, and the bloke in the petrol station looked suspiciously familiar.

I prised myself off the settee, the irony of long hours in front of the tv whilst Olympians stretched every sinew was not lost on me and lo, Hurley 1XI had a brilliant day at home to Littlewick and then Little Kingshill. I use Littlewick as a benchmark, a similar club to us and usually friendly with players I have known for 20 odd years. It was therefore disappointing to sit next to their keeper who was scoring when controversy struck in the first over of their innings. The word 'cheat' being used in respect of Dave Walnut umpiring and adjudging said keeper's son run out chasing an ambitious third run. The defence that the Walnut had not realised how quick was the son was laughable. Gordon Bentarm had to lead his grandson away before he got stuck in. Antipo-Dean's brilliant 155, our superb catching and another fabulous tea meant we had the day though I cooked in the sun as no extension cable for the scoreboard meant no shade for me. It also strikes me as strange that as scorer, I seem to be invisible to the opposition until they need to copy up as they are too lazy to do it during the game, and oh yes, I am nameless as well only going under the epithet of 'scorer'.

Continuing my series on domestic injuries, why do pints of frozen milk seem much heavier and painful when dropped on the toes?

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