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This missive arrived in my inbox. A pint of Rebellion for the first person to indentify the Mystery Blogger

Word from da street

As we head full steam ahead into the 2013 season, I wonder what lies ahead for the beautiful game. Cricket not football that is.

As I try on my kit to see if the elastic still holds up the trousers, the shirt isn't too tight so my nipples shine through and there haven't been any developments in the trouser department that merit a progression from the youth box I've had for many years.

Sure, times are challenging not just for Hurley but for all local clubs; cricket just isn't that interesting any more. As I packed my car last weekend, with a selection of fine reading material during the depressing pre-game showers; with the prospect of limited play, I arrived at Hurley, not to be greeted by Hurley members but a selection of players going through their drills from Coleslaw CC. Keen as mustard, but judging by the dirth of sandwiches, adviseable.

As Big Ben ticked round near 1pm, we had a full compliment of 11 and dare I say it, the combined weight of everyone had dropped since last year; a pre-season fitness regime, or were times hard in the pocket? Golden Balls however, helped balance the scales; impersonating a lobster both in colour and well, you can fill in the blanks. Even Prof looked like he had borrowed some clothes from anyone from Little Kingshill CC (RIP).

The cricket itself was blessed by a wonderful hundred from Ross Brown, and live commentary from one half of 'Dumb and Dumber', Greg Double, with the inaugural Hurley Podcast. Jeff Dawson, for once, was lost for words. Greg, please come back!. I wonder how many will actually listen to the podcast; maybe the fake 'James Taylor' from Coleslaw CC may take the comment on his 'questionable' action to heart. I hope not!

The season ahead may be tough, but important to enjoy nonetheless; what else would you do on a Saturday. 

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