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More Walnuts

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I have been changing my mind about where we are as a club faster than Shane Warne has had a make over, and both of us have had a Hurley to heart. Mind you, his has more bumps than our outfield. Stonking maximum pointers for the 1XI against the hated Hammersham Mill and the new boys of Pinkneys has fired expectations, but dented by the 2XI falling off the pace. It just shows that with a few absentees we are down to bare bones and I don't mean the skeletal form of Onmytodd. Of course the burgeoning colts are brilliant but it also exposes our lack of numbers as they now exceed senior paid membership. Ramadan is not going to help 2XI either as 3-4 players bow out for the holy month. Sun set this week 8.41!

My sojourns down the club on Sundays to gleen the latest gossip from Steve Nicotine are yielding poor results. He keeps scoring runs so we can't chat. He has developed a nervous twitch though as if he is dodging balls or is it bullets? We have a new mini Roy of the Rovers, congrats to Naeem bin Rovers and Sumeira on the birth of their baby girl. You can't leave now Naeem, Josh and Liam need a little playmate. I missed George Schnapps 37 on Sunday which is a shame, and a pity he is not available Saturdays, especially as he managed to prise the gloves off Mike 'Hannibal' Walnut. Keepers are a rare commodity and sometime Denis Waykikki will not be able to get down and then up again.

Plaudits to Dave Walnut for umpiring the 2XI last week as he was not picked by his brother, more members like him would really add to any club, contrast those that think more about how much they personally get out of the game and not what is good for the team or the club. Perhaps they should try skippering and trying to keep everyone happy as well as getting a side out. Dave Walnut for Clubman 2011.

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