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More Irritating 'Celebrities'

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When I was young, the ideal Christmas gift was a model of Tracey Island. Now I am all grown up (brain 21, body 75) I want a Veggie Love Island. It is very small, it is generally covered in stubble and the foothills have a strange, pungent odour. There is a small castle made of sticks, but within minutes of playing usually one or all of them have become dislodged.

I got my car serviced the other week and had to sit through two hours of Jimmy Sa-vile and the BBC infighting in the Exec lounge. The trouble with rolling news is that non stories become major stories. With an economy struggling even Radio 5 Live is however dominated by BBC naval gazing. I want sport, but please no more Rio Ferdinand and his self important Tweets. How quickly we forget the Olympians and are submerged in who will shake whose hand before a game of football. I am starved of the beautiful game of cricket and Pietersens's sulks. Not until 15th November do England kick off their Test series in India at 4am!

As we move into winter and I can't blog about Hurley I shall have to widen the spectrum to sport generally and a bit of good news. After my last rant at Justin Lee Collins and Sa-Vile, can I thank Channel 4 for finally dropping the irritating John McCririck. He refers to his wife as 'The Booby' and his racing sidekick on tv as 'The Female'. This bloke is still used on Radio 5 to pontificate and makes a good living from it yet has open derogatory gender issues. Does anyone remember the old nursery rhyme about the old lady who lived in a shoe? She swallowed the spider to catch a fly etc.. Well I used to chase cats out of my garden, but now they are welcome as no1 enemy is the squirrel. Bloody thing has it's eye on my bird feeder, and now no birds in my garden. How's that for a metaphor Mr McCririck?

Finally, the Easygiving website can be addictive to see the running total and who is best funder, witness Ringo at committee checking his phone every 5 minutes, is that just another addiction?

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