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Hurley Baps

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I was recently invited to a college reunion to swap disapproving world views (as befits our advanced years), drink moderately (as befits our advanced years), eat well (as befits our advanced years) and ogle fit totty (as befits our advanced years). Well, I have the mind of a 21 year old but the body of, errr someone much older. I am being held together with Senatogen and B12 injections. Nursey and I chose left buttock, one of my favourites but I was crushed when she felt the need to comment that there was not much flesh there for the needle. I blame all this sitting watching England cricket ultimately fail and nearly 40 years scoring Hurley.  Have I wasted my life? Mind you, nursey looked like Eric Bristow, and I expected her to cry out ‘one hundred and eighty’ but I was glad she missed the Bull.


Cricketforce day was moderately well attended by the usual suspects. The promise of bacon baps lured me to the club for the first time this season. Much scrubbing and anti-rabbit measures were in action. Prof and Prof minor were filling in pot-holes, well one was while the other supervised. My first sight was of Dave Walnut stripped to the waste displaying his man-baps. Clearly he had wintered well. The new showers had been refurbished in the hope that Hurley might work up a sweat in the coming season and the sun eventually shines.

I learned the other week that the garage alarm had been set off and a car was seen lurking at the end of the lane. Hopefully, the alarm, the CCTV and the Somme-like pot holes combined to see off the intruders. Nothing was stolen, but it is a toss-up between defending the club against the scum looking to pinch our equipment and those pesky rabbits and crows tearing up the ground, not to mention the Thames Tsunami. The battle against the Waking Dead is nothing to defending our little patch of Berkshire.

And finally (phew), as a traditional club with traditional ways such as tea being the most important thing, it was a comfort to see that the traditional season opener was lost to April rain, the first game plagued by late drop-outs and the Sunday fixture more like a scene from ‘Ice Station Zebra’ with Rita playing the role of drift ice, with matching icicles. 


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