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Here We Go Again........

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As a cloud of volcanic ash settles over Berkshire, the new season is clouded in uncertainty. Where will the 1XI get a middle order from and will youth fill the gap before the burgeoning over 50's finally call it a day and retire to the Berkshire Over 50's cricket. Mother Hurley is trying to give birth to a new generation of colts to keep the club alive and I am not sure if Ringo is father or midwife. To make another analogy, the excellent CricketForce weekend at Hurley was a little like the happenings in my pond or a scene from American Pie, frantic activity and lots of tadpoles. The U11's held an inaugural training session supervised by Lardy and Veg and the kids looked like they were having fun. The more wizened members painted, chopped, hammered and drank coffee; but it was encouraging to see all this pre-season activity although not too many new faces.

It has been a really long cold winter as everyone kept telling Dave Jackett (9-10 still a club record) when he visited us for a week in March over from Australia. Poor mite could not get over the cold. I think we deserve a good summer but for me that also means some results in the League. I am a little tired of Hurley being the statue and not the pigeon. Time to crap on someone else! If these things go in cycles then we are due a resurgence to the heights of the mid 90's. While it was brilliant to see so many of the Club's greats return for our 50th celebrations last year we must look forward, build activity on all fronts and make the club a magnet for balmy weekends, burnt flesh and good beer.

And finally, a few questions not in the Summer of Sport.
  • How early in the season will Ringo break another finger
  • Will Half Way Line still have super powers
  • Just how short will Prof's run up be this year
  • Will D-Day have a new set of Berkshire (over 50) kit
  • Will Dave Walton's arm ball ever reach the wicket
  • Will those orbes ever shine so bright
  • Will Mike W ever leave the crease
  • Will Steve T cheer up
  • Will humbug cheer up, how early in the season will he concede the League
  • Will Rita ever tell the difference between a run out and a stumping

Have a great season.

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