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Here We Go Again

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Having survived Black Friday (I put a black bag of rubbish out the next day for the bin men and a queue formed) then Christmas followed and what always seems a long dark winter. But I'll take my cue from those perky daffodils and approach another season with some optimism; at least for a few weeks. It seems we go into the 2015 season a lot drier than after the floods of last year.

Rumour has it that one of the chuckle brothers has sadly moved down to Bristol; let's hope that we still see the other. We were spared Double doing his Den impersonation as the rain washed out our 4thleague game of the season last year. Greg had been practicing his Kiwi put downs to batsmen (your mother was a hobbit but still makes me breakfast; plenty of spaces on the High Street, why can't you find them?), and ensuring he stood upwind as much as possible so that the batsman got the full benefit of his socks. The other chuckle brother even changed to a later shift to play. Such dedication and spirit is to be admired, and lacking in others of more fragile egos.

We didn't see Veggie on the field all last year as he had his nose in books or some-such, and Ringo suffered from Microsoft neck. The inevitable erosion of playing staff, and indeed committee members was offset by an encouraging net increase in members and 86 enrolled colts. Should the idiot that sprayed graffiti on the clubhouse wall and BBQ be caught I doubt we would be allowed to tether them to the net and wheel out the bowling machine and turn it up to the Michael Holding setting. Personally I would prefer a jar of honey, some very hungry bees and a quick de-bagging.

I have been spending my winter grey days renovating the club pictures ravished by damp and neglect, much like myself. This has got me thinking of our history and all the characters that have passed through our doors. Luckily, most have been captured in their prime as innocent looking cherubs. If only the truth could be told. I have had to trawl through the stats back to 1975 to re-label photos for long forgotten names and dates. I wonder what has become of those photos of Bitter-dash and Sworth both in one leg of Sworth's whites, our pocket jump-jet, Doc on manoeuvres in Chipping Sodbury,  Greenie collapsed in the showers at Ventnor, ladies underware run up the flagpole in Weston-Super-Mare or the cloudy pint on the same tour downed by Griff to the vast admiration of all. Or was it all apocryphal?

We have been blessed by some amazing characters and more than our fair share of members with over 30 years of service. So, as we turn another page and open the book on 2015 here's to all that have gone before, those that remain and are hopefully yet to come.
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