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Hashtag Dickhead

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I was a little concerned that emotional currency and hours in front of the last day of the first Test versus NZ would be wasted. But fortunately for Captain Cook, England were bowled out early allowing enough time to bowl out the Kiwi invaders. I think only one comparison was made between Ben Stokes and IT Botham, or as Nas Hussain cringingly and a little sycophantically calls him Sir Ian. But my enjoyment was tempered by the barrage of betting adverts in the frequent drinks breaks. As Mohammed Amir prepares to return to International Cricket one cannot help but note the irony of continuous advertisements during Test Matches imploring supporters to have a bet on the sport. 'We have more ways to win' they claim, I think they mean loose. The recent Indian Premier League allowed “UNIBET” to be an official sponsor and that's after all the damage done by betting syndicates involving the owners of the franchises in previous editions of the competition. Still, thank goodness football is clean thanks to FIFA.

Our own IPL (ickle players league), the U13's pulled off another victory on Tuesday with a tremendous effort from Phil to umpire, Val the bar and sweets and Veg to direct the troops. Worryingly for him, they are now almost his height. I understand that the new culture is to end a sentence with 'hashtag…', ie Hashtag 'state of f'in education'. Watch out for the trending in Veggie's reports. {#pocket Paciao}

Scoring can be stressful especially without a cute opposition scorer to pass the time and temper my irascible side. So far this season I have been called a 'Dickhead', muttered at when asking politely players to move from our temperamental scoreboard, and last week I refused to stop scoring so that the opposition no11 could look at the book to check his extras. Admittedly I had taken a dislike to the fellow when he swatted my pen away at tea so he could read his bowling figures. GET YOUR OWN SCORER AND UMPIRE. Ok, easy for me to say as we were blessed with both, but if you ain't got, then show some consideration. I might have added to his obdurate 17 over last wicket stand to stop us winning.

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