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Is it me, or is there a legacy to the Games when I look at Jess Ennis or the other body beautiful lady athletes and think 'I could do that?' Why has the GB triple jump coach got three names? Will we be seeing the many faeces of Clare Balding on our TV screens during the Para-Dressage?

It is really quite an absurd world we live in where we think that every thought that we have is of interest to the wider public via Twitter, Facebook (usually the wonder of small offspring's excretions. “Just realised I went to Tesco with dried wee on my leggings.....will my child ever stop wetting herself???” – I kid you not, humbug) or Blogs. Yes, I realise this is therefore a paradox, but there are at least 3 of you out there reading this. Apparently the new flat screen TV is now working down the club just in time for the end of season, the fussball table works and a new dishwasher has been installed faster than Mr Bolt can run 100 meters. BTW (yes twitter fans) Mr Bolt earns £75k in 9.6 seconds. Not even Premier footballers can match that. So, the club's committee is excellent in providing first class facilities and yet we struggle to put out sides. I can't help but bemoan the wrong focus in this effort though the colts are coming over the horizon. We need to ensure we have a strong club over the next 2 years that they, and their parents, want to play for. I went down to watch the other Sunday and saw us struggle against a younger, fitter Mortimer West End. As the old joke goes, I am glad we did not have to face the whole of Mortimer. Now, I like Steve Nicotine and his 50 shades of Grey other life, but on a weekend where the 1XI fielded 10 on the Saturday, dragging 2 from the pub, and the 2XI ran out 4 U13's, it was very frustrating to hear Steve say he was available but no one called him! I don't blame the skippers who sweat blood to field teams, but oh Steve you have to help them out with all your years down the club, try skippering next year and live the challenge. I left after one more maiden over before Steve went in and possibly on the wrong end of another lbw. I had to protect my car not from cricket balls as Mike Walnut was batting, but the possibility of a flying bat.

I long to give up the scoring and bring a good book down the club and sup a cup of tea or a bottle of something cold to wash away the afternoon. I am currently reading 50 Shades of Earl Grey. It's brewing up nicely but is leaving a funny taste in my mouth. I would like to take up residence on the fine leg boundary under the tree, it is a little elevated, rare sunlight is out of eye line and the scoreboard is not obstructed by yet another beer gut. I really don't know why people have to stand directly between where I am scoring and the scoreboard. Rita Flame Hair moved them away on Sunday with an authority I don't have and then rejected an Oreo at tea as she 'doesn't put anything black' in her mouth (except liquorish)! Giggidy.

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