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Fading 2011

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What a depressing end to the 1XI league season. I think I have just about got over the missed opportunity against Little Kingshill and the selling of Mikel Arteta. A much improved squad (Hurley not Everton) with the additions of Dean, Clemons, Varun and a rapidly improving Ross finished the season only 2 points and one win better than 2010. Not even Ringworm's BBQ and a few beers after our limp display against Little Kingshill or some racey pics on…, better not say whose phone could lift my mood. I think the latter just depressed me more. Then again, I could be going through 'the change', cricket to football. Maybe we need a plan next year as detailed and professional as that for the colts. Still, kudos to Yassir for his astonishing 200*.

Funny how some days it all goes tits up. We arrived for the final league game full of optimism with arguably our near strongest side to dog shit on the outfield, the outfield mower broken, the scoreboard not working and no Val! Naeem bin Rovers found a replacement and she did a fine job and smiled all afternoon while I grimaced at trying to find out opposition bowlers and catchers names. My book is a mess of crossing outs.

September is usually one of the better months for cricket, and yet all our players seem to have evaporated, led by the U18s, our very own 'Inbetweeners' who openly declare that Saturdays are now for clunge and booze. I bet Freddy Flintoft had time for all three. And another thing that 'grinds my gears', women who chew gum with an expression as if they had sucked on a lemon (not a euphemism). Of course this is a toss up with people who wander the aisles of Waitrose with a phone clamped to their off side ear. KEEP LEFT, elbows in! Another thing that 'grinds my gears', why do we have a friendly against Hammersham Mill, one of the most unfriendly sides in the league and crappiest grounds?

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