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Last week saw a roller coast of emotions. It has never been pleasant travelling to Hamersham Mill, not least for the speed camera that sent me to a 3 hour speed awareness course or the emptying of the nose by one of their players in front of Mary last year. My mood plummeted on being greeted by the Orbes with the news we only had 9 men. This eventually went up to 10 with the addition of J-Lo, but no umpire as well. My mood lifted as the home side didn't employ their usual tactic of 'common buddie' after each ball possibly because the nose blower was absent this year with a nose bleed. We scored a comfortable 251 to put us well placed at tea and Roy of the Rovers smacked a car door panel of an unsuspecting horticulturist in the allotments. He was most unlucky, and most upset but got little sympathy when he marched into the club demanding compensation for his dented courgette. After a good tea, my mood quotient was about 8/10. It would have been 9 had the chill not started to creep up my leg and it was bloody late May!

But the opposition knocked off the required runs and a quick head count of availability for the following Saturday saw a meagre 4! Mood quotient crashed to 2. I did not think it could crash lower but Steinlager missing that penalty to hand Chelski an undeserved Cup finished me off. We left their clubhouse before the spectacle of Terry lifting the cup in newly stripped off pristine kit, well at least we won't be calling on him to change into whites to help us lift the Chilterns League this year and Engledink Humplebert didn't need him to lift Eurovision.

I am frustrated at the total complacency, or is it wrong focus, by the club at not trying to address our membership issues. As a member of the committee I take the blame as well, but also, how frustrating is it that the membership don't give it much thought either. How many members do we have working for big companies who do not think to canvass their fellow employees? I am desperate to see both League sides do well, but how many members can, or want to dedicate the summer to this end. Not more than half a dozen? Come on the colts.

Oh well back to the sofa dent and a summer of Test cricket.

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