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Club Supper

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It's blogging time again, a bit like Hammer Time but without the cool. I am inspired by a magnificent Club Supper in the George Holyport last week. I would like to thank the 41 who made the effort to have a really good night and support the club and chide those who had not made it a priority or are basking on the newly discovered Veggie Love Island. Ringo's referral to Chesney and the implied lovelorn years hit home with a few of us. It is evenings like that which can reignite enthusiasm for our great little club.

We had an excellent mix of old lags, wags, fags (outside puffers), gags (stopping some people from speeches), Jags (well Mercs and BMWs in the car park), but no Mags (Margarets). Our table was mostly cricket widowers so we got stuck into sport talk and taking the piss out of Australians much to Deano's delight as he gave as good as he got over past Ashes triumphs. Toddy kept disappearing to the loos or the bike sheds for a fag shadowed by Steve Nicolite (he doesn't like to be known as Nicotine any more as he swears he has given up). I had a chat with Lardy, fuelled as he was on a bottle of red and a pint of black, but quickly realised I could get little sense out of him. Ah, the irony of him leaving his thank you bottle of wine and vowing not to touch another drop. Just think what a night we could have next year if we could get up to 50 and listen to Charlotte Edwards speak! Well done Orbes for setting up the venue.

There is an undercurrent of something exciting in the colts section push to raise £20k to refurbish the nets. This is drawing new people and ideas into the club and utilising the rich contacts that we never realised that we had. Justin Lee Collins has volunteered to do his community work cutting our hedges, Andrew Mitchell is donating his bike in support of the over 50's pre-season fitness program (as is Sarah Lee cakes) and the Savile Foundation …. Well, best left alone. I don't often comment on the news but comm-on, who is more creepy, JLC or JS? New initiatives are in hand to fund raise the nets, see the website and join in the just giving. Movies at the club sound brilliant as long as it is not all Pixar or Perry Hotter. My vote is for any Sci Fi or failing that anything with the Paltrow woman. When will she sign up to the 'Alien' franchise? However we could do with some comfy seats. My bum complains after 52 overs, assuming we bat that long and I do have a middle aged bladder.

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