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Christmas Alights

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I'm getting sad again. Only 3 league games to go just as the 1XI have got going. Last Saturday was almost perfect, a stonking win, opposition in disarray, doughnuts for tea and Ross looking a very classy bat. At Littlewick we worshiped the zero, is 'nothing' sacred? I am sure Howard Siliconchip can correct me but the 1XI have used 27 players so far this season. I think this is both a strength in our membership and a weakness in availability, 8 players were probably under 25, the average number of appearances per player is 5.25. The thing that really excites me on a Saturday is this mix of some very useful cricketers and a good cadre of youngsters indicating an exciting future for Hurley CC. I could not see a future for Hurley not too long ago, but now I am optimistic and I might now get some new pens and score another year. This strength in depth has a knock on to the 2XI and to have two teams relatively comfortable in Divisions 2 & 3 is better than many other local clubs.

Our youngsters are also really good people. They might favour the hoodie and Facebook but would never help themselves to a flatscreen tv. They would never end up on the wrong end of a Rozzer, while I have heard that the Kaiser Chiefs have been arrested for predicting a riot. Congratulations also to Chris Dawkins (11) for his first game in the senior sides, carrying on a rich tradition from the Dawkins clan. Him and Ollie will be on tour soon, just like Dad and his Uncles, hopefully better behaved.

Last night I saw my first Christmas menu, it's only bloody August 17th! So what do I want for Christmas and HCC? I won't bore you with a long list, BUT, 1) Naeem's new job to be transferred to London, 2) George and James to come back to Saturdays, 3) a pretty trainee scorer for me, 4) a members only balcony with lockable gate, bar and portaloo, 5) the nephew rediscovers his appetite for cricket, 6) massive uptake of kit from Serious 7) and another successful year for the Ringo minis.

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