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Blown by Imogen

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I've really been enjoying the recent series between England and South Africa despite the ad breaks continually telling me that I can't enjoy it unless I have a bet. Bet I can. The absurdity of Ray Winstone pleading for us to bet on everything everywhere and yet 'bet responsibly' is a metaphor for the contradictions in much of the country. Of course my enjoyment is the more because we are winning with exciting cricketers and schoolboy comedy. We had Willey bowling at de Kock and even Mikey Holding commentating. Is it me, or does de Kock look a lot like our own Sarah Taylor. Has anyone ever seen them together? My theory is that they are the same person. Our hero 'Rooty' even joined in the fun with Root 66 on his shirt. Why do England players have such a dearth of imagination that they add 'y' on the end of a surname and call it a nickname.

While Stuart Broad sits with his feet up through the 50 over competition in 30deg heat on a free holiday we were sheltering from Storm Imogen. At least it gave me the opportunity to tell anyone who would listen that I had been blown by Imogen.

Well done to George Lewis (Lewy??) for setting up a Facebook page for the Saturday 1XI. We really must get him a nickname. This is the enthusiasm I have been craving for from the club. For a long time we have been building superb facilities but ticking over with the playing side seeing the senior membership slowly decline. Of course with around 80 colts we should see some graduation to the seniors like Henry & Joe Graham. We should have new showers by the start of the season so perhaps Veg can eventually wash those socks. I wonder if Amersham Hell will be invited to join the HurleyCC group, they love my commentary on our matches with them!

As the Earth inevitably tilts back to summer and the end of the football season heaves into view, Leicester are threatening to snatch Chelsea's crown. With the Everton take over there will be 8 American owners and a cadre to threaten a rule change. The possibility of imposing no relegation/promotion to feast forever on Sky largess we could see Leicester win the PL then be excluded from it. Of course we may also get the full backs allowed to throw the ball to the wingers to score a touch-down goal and endless Coldplay at halftime. I wonder how close we came to cricket adopting 4 wickets or 'bases' and batsmen having to complete a run via all 'bases' when Mr Sandford landed with his helicopter stuffed full of cash on the hallowed turf. Not even paying punters are allowed on the outfield at Lords.
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