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Another Summer

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And so finally the league season has come to a close with the final match for the 1XI at Little Kingshill. A red kite circled over the ground on the look out for a tasty morsel, Ross was on the menu for lunch. Maybe that was the incentive for him to keep moving and score a rapid and shockingly classy 36 for a 15 year old (or a 45 year old for that matter). Was that a whistling of wings, or the wheezing of Denis trying to keep up? Still, there is 40 years between them. The opposition bowler was going to take it easy on Ross until he timed the ball off his toes to the mid wicket boundary faster than Dave Walton heading for tea. Later in the day Dave's opening 'bomb' provided the comedy moment of the afternoon as the batsman's eyes lit up, his mind calculated seven places where he could deposit the pie, the grass grew another inch, Empires rose and fell, a huge heave and the ball nestled at the base of the middle stump surrounded by bails and fielders rolling around with mirth. The batsman trudged off with a self depreciating smile and I could hear David Lloyd shouting 'start the car'.

If we ever think we have problems then just look at LK who regularly struggle to field 11, depend on a car full of Sri Lankans from London, and Englefield have folded their 2XI. So another league season comes to a close with real progress in results and playing strength. I watched George Lewis and James Taylor open the batting on Sunday (combined age 30) and add 100 while Sam Draper and Ross Brown added to the youthful profile. George made 92 and would it not have been brilliant if he and Ross the previous week had got their maiden tons at such a tender age. Exciting times ahead if they stay loyal to Hurley, and we are confident that they enjoy it so much that they will. Val will have to ensure there is plenty of jelly and ice cream for tea and some party bags.

I was going to do a bit of a review of the season, but Prof has written one that cannot be bettered so I posted it under 'News'. Have a read and I challenge the other teams to do similar. Our trophy cabinet may be bare (not only because it was cleaned out some years ago by a ne're do well) but we are in good company with Australia (missing are: Rugby League World Cup, Rugby Union World Cup, International Rules Trophy, Tri Nations Trophy, Super-12 Trophy, Trans-Tasman Touch Football Trophy, Davis Cup, Hockey World Championship Trophy, Bledisloe Cup, and oh yes, an Ashes urn). Good times ahead I feel especially when we get Clubmark and a sports psychologist.

For Christmas; the ironic glove for Prof for his hand shake with the most obnoxious cricketer in the league, a red cape for the talismanic Naeem, a Japanese Aircraft carrier for Trev's Zeros, sat nav and a lead duck for his bath for Farooq, metal polish for Orbs as they are getting tainted, cold cream to remove Tim's thumb print, a bionic hand for Ringo, some more black paint for Pete, a draw bridge and moat for Denis, some Aboriginal art to decorate Alex's boomerang ball and 360 points for me next season please. 

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