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A Waitrose fix

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It's very hard to write a cricket blog in the middle of winter without straying into the petty little irritants of life that take on so much more importance as you get older. Why for example does the BBC describe everything as 'iconic'? I just had a trip into Twyford and round Waitrose to check out the latest iconic offers and the freckled young thing with a great smile who helps me with my crusty rolls, it's an age thing.  As I lingered by the courgettes I was approached by a leather clad youth and his reticent young companion and asked 'do you know where to score?' Well I thought 'how does he know I'm a cricket scorer and it isn't even the cricket season'. Maybe all scorers have that look and we have a particular 'gaydar' we give off. Well, not 'gaydar' but 'saddar'. Then I realised he meant drugs. How did he know I was on 3-4 drugs a day? I got on with my trip and he went in search of his. I don't think Senatogen or iron tabs will give him the buzz he was after. I still don't know why he thought I looked the type to help him, maybe he saw me earlier hovering over the snacks as if I had the munchies, or maybe I just looked like I needed a fix.

Those 'Golden Balls' turned 60 the other week and celebrated with a lavish lunch in the pub. For those few of us at the club who remember him fresh from school opening the batting like a left handed Barry Gibb, we have come a long way; 38,000 runs, 1,250 appearances, nearly 1,400 wickets and 42 years. You rarely see such devotion and service to one club and may not see it in the future, although we do have 4 playing members of 30 years service or more.

I have been guilty of listing George incorrectly in a few reports last year. I called him George LUCAS in early stressed match reports. The Star Wars theme seems appropriate given a few of his Jeddi performances last season. Now I'm no particular Star Wars fan, especially given Ewan McGregor's awful posh English accent, less convincing than Ray Winstone telling us to bet responsibly, but maybe it is the genesis of a nickname. The fresh wind of youth continues to sweep the club, if not committee. George's enthusiasm, the colts nets are going well and Joe Graham volunteering to help out with those nets, all excellent stuff. Mind you I usually get enthusiastic in April and depressed by June.

Sad news about the death of Martin Crowe this month. Orbes and I actually met him socially with a few pints in the 'Swan Uppers' in Cookham many years ago when it was Hurley's turn to host Martin Porter for a season who was a friend. Mr Crowe had a wicked sense of humour and a really top chap. You have to wonder if the omnipresent one is bored up there taking such a fine batsman so early. Perhaps He is putting together a cricket team and it would be uncharitable of me to suggest a few names for immediate call up.

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