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A Sea Of Troubles

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You'd think that during the winter the club would go quietly to sleep and dream of success in 2014. Not a bit of it. There was cricketing poetry in Mike Walnut sourcing sandbags. Unfortunately this was about as likely in keeping back the Thames as Veggie getting one to turn, though the wicket this year may well favour his filth. The clubhouse and equipment is in a sorry state, £9,100 damage to the clubhouse and £7,000 to equipment. Most of it will be covered on insurance, but additional cost will be incurred for the club in a tight financial year. Our new Secretary must be wondering what he has let himself in for sorting this mess out with insurers, well done Graham. Crazy, I was writing about the flooding this time last year and musing on duck racing. Jeff has some lovely but sad photos of the flooding which I hope will go on the website.

. I have got the January blues bad. Long hours simply watching the tits on my bird feeder and the tits trying to play cricket in Australia are taking a toll. There was much to dislike about KP, but not sure he deserves to be jettisoned like that before a new supremo takes over. It does smack of weak, not strong leadership. I wonder if we will ever find out what went on behind the gourmet catering in the changing room. Ironically I got my Test tickets through this week, no discount for watching a second rate side. I have to say I am not doing very well with this weather; I can barely force myself out to Waitrose for a packet of Yum-Yums and invest in a second class stamp. Christmas is now a blur of recycled presents, excellent food, crap telly and sad decorations. My LED snowman now simply shrugs his shoulders instead of waving his wand, a metaphor for getting old I think.

Membership news: J-Lo and Mrs have added Hope Isabelle to the family and we have a J Caliss and a Barrad-Pitt as colts. Are they called Jacque and Brad by their mates? And finally, has anyone noticed that Yoda has started to commentate on football? “Looking very glum in the dug-out, David Moyes is”. Sorry that this January post is so late, but at least it is delivered to the right place unlike my Christmas cards delivered by an illiterate yob who can't tell the difference between no 20 and 21.

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