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A New Season Approaches

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It is April already and spring is supposed to be here, heralding the start of a new season. Cricketers by their nature are optimists, this season always promises to be better than the last, but will it turn out that way? Our erstwhile scribe has hung up his trusty quill in a fit of melancholy at the prospects of our playing strength, and who can blame him? So I have taken it upon myself to try and keep our reader entertained with the goings on at Shepherds Lane and in the wider world. Hopefully Wing Commander Mary will take up the scoring role for the first XI if Humbug doesn't reconsider.

You know cricket is on the way when certain signs appear. Dave Walnut has had his winter plumage shorn. The Flame Haired One has assembled her collection of fleeces, gloves and cardies following her pre season holiday. This year Austria was the venue in an attempt to get acclimatised to the wintry conditions we normally experience in April and May. Stevie Sailor is threatening to retire yet again, as he has done annually since most of us can remember. The usual suspects have turned up at winter nets, Wiggle perfecting his full toss, while Kiwi Doris is training for a new career as a strike bowler in two over spells and Bert Head Band declined to bat, possibly fearing the Deadly DW.
The Flame Haired One has become a member of the BCOA, so woe betide anyone who dares to question her book this season. Dr. Howard has also been busy during the winter, qualifying as an umpire.

There are some optimistic signs. The colts' section under the leadership of Dave Ringworm continues to flourish and augurs well for the future in addition to bolstering the availability of the senior sides already with some talented 13 and 14 year olds coming through. Neil Lardons and his fund raising team are going great guns having raised over £4000 already towards the new nets with the fundraising dinner on the 27th April already sold out. 

Despite these positives the prime concern must be the decline in senior membership over the past couple of seasons, without sufficient players a cricket club cannot exist so it is down to everyone to try and recruit friends, relatives and colleagues to our cause, the committee can only do so much.

In the wider world, the Aussies look like a side in turmoil. It has been suggested in some quarters that the summer test series should be reversed, England using the Aussies as a warm up for the stiffer test against the Black Caps.

The Iron Lady has passed on, will we ever see her like again? I don't think any politician has ever divided public opinion so much as she did. A bit like Marmite, you either loved her or hated her but whatever your political persuasion you have to admit she had more balls than the patheitc excuse for politicians that rule us today. May she rest (or is it rust) in peace.

As I finish typing this missive, the rain is falling again and cricket still looks a long way off but we live in hope.

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