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A Cold Wind Up My Shorts

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Now that the race for the Ashes has been won by Alistair Cook and not Cheryl Gascoigne there is a sense of the season winding down. Strangely, my 88 year old mum has started taking an interest in the cricket. I am not sure whether it is an attempt to better bond with her moody son or a natural and understandable dislike of Australians born of 20 years of hurt. She did not like Shane Warne trying to blag a tennis court on commentary and I must admit to finding his accent grating let alone his attack on Captain Cook. He should have more respect for the namesake of his founding fathers. As for starting every sentence with ”LOOK”, I hate that affectation, Blowers does not need it to get attention for the number 47 heading to Vauxhall.

The leaves have started to turn and only the top of Rita's head can be seen over another layer of mufflers. Another league season is over and thoughts turn to a long cold winter. But at least we can reflect on a moderately good season for the Saturday 1XI finishing 3rd, a disastrous one for the Saturday 2XI relegated, mildly entertaining Sunday cricket with fine teas but the final demise of Sunday 2XIs. I will still bang on about the need to shore up both Saturday teams next season and keep Sunday friendlies going with some new (young) playing talent, the plaintive pleas for players in Friday night emails was disheartening. A few new faces have appeared so let's hope they don't disappear as quickly next year. I still detect the mind-set that there is little we can do but hope friends and acquaintances fill the void. I still hear the tired old excuse that our location is against us midway between the conurbations of Henley and Maidenhead, but surely this should be a strength? We seem to be building much needed ties with the village now thanks to the colts revolution which is a tremendous plus.

Finally how brilliant was Sunday morning with the U11s winning their Division 2 Final against Royal Ascot in front of loads of people and cars overflowed onto the outfield. Well done to Clare dishing out enough bacon rolls and tea to even keep Lardy and Lardy Jnr fed and the sun shone for most of the morning in a final farewell to my shorts. We concluded that the success of the U11s is based in no small part to their bonding with their equally diminutive coach Veggie who was tempted to sneak on in disguise for a rare bowl. Thankfully we have not seen his magic balls this summer. There is a lot of potential and goodwill in the club, the trick is to turn it into success in 2014. You never know, I may be inspired to score again and resume my reporting from Howie who has carried the torch this season for the Saturday 1s.

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